NoBid is a programmatic technology platform that focuses on the bottom of the stack to drive pressure on unfilled and undervalued inventory, resulting in increased yield, fill rates, CPMs, and revenue. Additionally, many clients report that the technology also provides a CPM boost across their stack.

Our advanced bid prediction technology, and proprietary algorithms, create bid pressure by connecting to several demand sources. One of the key demand partners for maximizing pressure and results is Google AdX, due to the high volume of bids that it places.

NoBid provides two options for utilizing AdX in its technology:
  • Option 1: Utilizing NoBid's AdX Account. This option utilizes NoBid's AdX account (via a Google SPM form)
  • Option 2: Utilizing Publisher's Own AdX Account. NoBid directly links to the publisher's AdX account.
Linking your AdX account is very straightforward, and provides several benefits:
  • Provides you with a transparent view of how your AdX is performing on its own (i.e. your existing use), as well as how your AdX is performing through NoBid (which is tracked completely separate in your AdX dashboard - and has zero impact on your own AdX usage).
  • You will be paid directly from Google for the NoBid-generated revenue, which trims down the NET payment terms (as Google typically pays NET 21). With the use of the NoBid AdX, we collect from Google, then pay publishers NET 60. NoBid will invoice you for our revenue share on the use of your AdX, or we can automatically deduct the amount due from our statement that includes the other demand sources we bring, per your preference.
  • Lastly, there are no Google updates, or additional Google ads.txt updates required.

Prebid Integration Steps

Linking AdX Accounts

Create Login for NoBid

Please add

Collect Ad Exchange Linking Information (please send to NoBid)

Accept 64387298 (Admin > Linked Accounts > Incoming Linked Accounts)

Once the account is linked we can set up Dynamic Allocation in our NoBid GAM account for you

Add URLs (either you can do this, or NoBid can do this for you)

You (Publisher) will need to go into “Inventory” section in your GAM account select the “URL’s” link. 

You will then need to add the domain name as a “New URL” by clicking the following link:

You will need to fill out the form as shown below by adding the domain name and/or subdomain name.   The domain to include here is only the main domain url and potentially a subdomain url.   

Note:  Based on the way that Ad Exchange Historical reports data (if you use the URL dimension), if you have both a main domain ( and a subdomain ( the revenue for is also rolled up under the main domain  So, please be careful not to double count the revenue when reporting on the subdomains (It would need to be deducted from the main domain). 

Protections & Floor Pricing

The final thing we will need is to work with you to ensure any Protections and Floor Pricing that are set up will also work with this new ADX tag setup.  This will need to be done over a call with your NoBid rep and is preferably with someone on your team that has access and is authorized to adjust Protection settings.



NoBid will send you your ads.txt file that will need to be added to any site you will running with NoBid. Ads.txt will need to be in place three full days before going live.

NoBid's current ads.txt stack can be found at

Prebid Adapter for NoBid



Bidder Memberno
Media Typesdisplay, videoGDPR TCF1 Supportyes
User IDsnoneGDPR TCF2 Supportno
SChain SupportyesCOPPA Supportyes
Safeframes OKcheck with bidderUSP/CCPA Supportyes

"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.


"Deal ID" Ad Server Key


Bid Params

siteIdrequiredsiteId is provided by your NoBid account manager(s)integer
placementIdoptionalplacementId is provided by your NoBid account manager(s). This parameter allows to report on a specific ad unitinteger
videooptionalObject containing video targeting parameters. See Video Object for { playback_method: ['auto_play_sound_off'] }object


If you are using Google Ad Manager (GAM), it is highly recommended to make sure the “Serve in Safeframe” box in creative settings is unchecked. If you absolutely want to run NoBid in a Saferame creative, please contact your Nobid repsentative to coordinate this setup.

Test Parameters

    var adUnits = [
            code: 'test-div1',
            mediaTypes: {
                banner: {
                    sizes: [[300, 250]],  // a display size
            bids: [
                    bidder: "nobid",
                    params: {
                        siteId: 2,
                        placementId: 3
            code: 'test-div2',
            mediaTypes: {
                banner: {
                    sizes: [[320, 50]],   // a mobile size
            bids: [
                    bidder: "nobid",
                    params: {
                        siteId: 2

Video Object

skippableBoolean which, if true, means the user can click a button to skip the video ad. Defaults to false.boolean
playback_methodArray of strings listing playback methods supported by the publisher. Allowed values:




positionArray of strings listing video player position supported by the publisher. Allowed values:


mimesArray of strings listing the content MIME types supported, e.g.,

["video/x-flv", "video/x-ms-wmv"].

mindurationInteger that defines the minimum video ad duration in seconds.integer
maxdurationInteger that defines the maximum video ad duration in seconds.integer
frameworksArray of integers listing API frameworks supported by the publisher. Allowed values:

None: 0; VPAID 1.0: 1; VPAID 2.0: 2; MRAID 1.0: 3; ORMMA: 4; MRAID 2.0: 5.

GitHub Bid Adapter JS Functions

User Sync

The User Cookie Sync that will need to be integrated into the PreBid adapter in order for us to properly sync our demand source cookies with the user when appropriate are located below:

*if you already have this in place, you may skip this section


        userSync: {

            filterSettings: {

                iframe: {

                    bidders: '*',

                    filter: 'include'


                image: {

                    bidders: '*',

                    filter: 'include'



            syncEnabled: true,

            iframeEnabled: true,

            syncsPerBidder: 8,

            syncDelay: 3000,



NoBid Adapter Code

You will need to integrate the NoBid adapter code into your PreBid.js library.  Please note, we recommend you update your PreBid adapter to version 2.31.0 or higher.  This will provide you with the most updated version of PreBid.


NoBid's technology currently works best outside of SafeFrames.  Please disable SafeFrame for NoBid setup.

Test Page

Please send NoBid a test page once integration is complete for final checks before going live. 


We have found that requiring individual publishers to sign an additional SPM account can be cumbersome, therefore, we prefer to use the original SPM account. This avoids the unnecessary back and forth on gaining permissions and explaining to your publishers the SPM account setup process.
An important part of the inventory that helps fill our bid predictions is the Google AdX Tag which is slightly different from Dynamic Allocation in the way that it is reported. The only way to gain access to this reporting information is from the GAM account that is tied to NoBid through the AdExchange Historical Report.
AdX is not utilized in Prebid, but it is an important part of our bid prediction technology.
The linking of AdX accounts is fully authorized by Google.
There are two main reports that you will need to run from the Google Ad Exchange Historical Report: 1. The first report will cover the Dynamic Allocation produced for the NoBid account. This is implemented by adjusting Reporting from "Historical" to "Ad Exchange Historical." Then, in the filters choose "DFP Ad Units (Top Level) contains = 64387298" which is the NoBid GAM ID. *Please note, if you have anything with that ID in the Ad Unit Path, then it could potentially double count. Lastly, choose Matched Requests and Estimated Revenue. Then select "Run Report." 2. The second report will cover the AdX Tag Inventory. This is implemented by adjusting Reporting from "Historical" to "Ad Exchange Historical" then in the filters, choose "DFP Ad Units is any of the 'No Inventory Unit.'" Lastly, choose "Matched Request and Estimated Revenue." Then select "Run Report."
We need full access to Ad Exchange Historical Reporting. This will allow us to get what we need from the reporting. This also means that we would have access to all of your AdX Reporting. However, we only pull reports specific to our partnership, and the NoBid revenue. We are happy to put this into writing, with auditing rights (if desired), as well as sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Google will pay you directly for AdX revenue from your account with typically a NET 21 payment term. NoBid sends month-end statements to publishers, in place of invoicing, and will deduct the revenue share from the AdX that ran through NoBid. If preferred, we can also send a separate invoice for the AdX portion due NET 60.